Two Friends Bar Karaoke Cam

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Two Friends Bar Karaoke Cam

This cozy corner restaurant and bar sits on the site of a saloon dating all the way into the 1800s and is a favourite in the area. It was the first bar in Key West to have a female bartender in the 1940s! There’s an extensive menu for every meal, which can be taken on the patio for an al fresco dining experience.

The bar also provides live music and karaoke, the stage for which is where one of the webcams points. The other is on the roof looking out onto the street.

One thought on “Two Friends Bar Karaoke Cam

  1. Hello. I am a Baltimore-born, raised in Pinellas Park former resident, now living in Minnesota. {trapped, don’t ask. LOL}
    I visit 2 Friends every day to listen to the musicians. Being one myself, I find it nice to experience my daydreams of someday returning to Florida, if only to visit. Married, my Minnesota native wife won’t move from here so all we can do is plan a trip in the future. Never been to Key West; plan to someday. 2 Friends is first place we wanna see.
    Thank you for being there. Y’all are much appreciated. -Phil-

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