Fort Lauderdale – New River Cam

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Fort Lauderdale – New River Cam

Discover a spot of tranquility amid the bustle of a city with Fort Lauderdale’s New River webcam. While there are high-rise towers all around, this Fort Lauderdale live stream focuses on a serene section of the New River. Those calm webcam vistas belie the fact that Fort Lauderdale is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the US and welcomes millions of visitors every year.

It’s no surprise Fort Lauderdale is so attractive to vacationers. Average temperatures rarely dip below 20°C, and the city has more than three-thousand hours of sunshine a year. There is every form of attraction and entertainment imaginable there. From restaurant-lined boulevards to museums and historic sites, endless beaches, luxury marinas and enough after-dark activities to keep anyone up all night.

The best thing about the Fort Lauderdale New River webcam? Keep an eye out and you’ll see the railway bridge being raised and lowered to allow boats to sail through. Don’t miss spotting those luxury yachts!

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