Diadem Pickleball Complex Webcam, Coconut Creek

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Diadem Pickleball Complex Webcam, Coconut Creek

There are all sorts of fun and games you can have whacking a ball with a racket. Tennis, table tennis, padel, squash and racquetball to name just a few. The game of choice in Coconut Grove is none of those. In this Florida city the firm favourite is pickleball.

Pickleball is a variation of tennis that was created in 1965 and has quickly become one of the US’s most popular sports. The state of Washington, where it was first played, has adopted it as the official state sport. While it has yet to reach Olympic Games status, it’s fast and fun to watch. And watch it you can, seven days of the week, on this live feed streaming from the Diadem Pickleball Complex. Keep your eye on the courts and you won’t be short of entertainment as the flapjacks, falafels and dill balls come thick and fast.

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