Hawk’s Cay Resort Webcam, Florida Keys

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Hawk’s Cay Resort Webcam, Florida Keys

When you need a fix of tranquillity delivered by a picture postcard-perfect view of beach and ocean, you won’t find a better webcam than this one. Streamed by Two Oceans Digital, this live feed of the Hawks Cay Resort on Duck Key Island in Duck Key, Florida, is peaceful enough to send anyone into an almost meditative state of relaxation.

This man-made paradise is one of five islands in Duck Key and pretty much has it all as far as dream locations are concerned. Inside the sea-break wall is a lagoon, canals, a beach, yacht marina, golf course and restaurants. They all add up to make it quite a special place, but what makes it extra special is the marine life like dolphins and manatees that use the canals to swim in for a visit. It seems that even they can recognise a good thing when they see it.

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