College of the Florida Keys Webcam

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College of the Florida Keys Webcam

If there’s one thing the College of Florida Keys can boast about, it’s having the only coral reef in North America on their doorstep. No, this isn’t an underwater live feed so if you want to see what’s going on under the tranquil waters, you’ll have to go there and get your diving or snorkeling gear on to find out.

The College of Florida Keys is located on Stock Island and, if you’re planning on studying geography, it’s the southernmost place of education in the Continental US. If you’re not going to be studying geographical subjects all you’ll want to know is that Stock Island has great beaches, the most southernmost in the Continental US, plus amazing aquatic and water sport opportunities for when class is out for the day. As a place to study, what more could you possibly ask for apart from more time out of the classroom?

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