Hawaiian Coral Reefs from the Aqualink Mega Lab

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Hawaiian Coral Reefs from the Aqualink Mega Lab

If you thought all underwater researchers did was watch how fish swim around then you’d be right as far as this live feed goes, but wrong in general.

While this underwater webcam is focused on a coral reef where there’s plenty of fish life to see, it’s part of a much more complex project. The Mega Lab, Aqualink and View Into The Blue collaborate together to develop underwater technology that takes marine observation into the next generation and beyond. Their advancements in marine observation stations help monitor what climate change is doing to our oceans. That can only be a good thing so big thumbs up to all three.

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One thought on “Hawaiian Coral Reefs from the Aqualink Mega Lab

  1. I love to watch your webcam. My favorite fish is the one with the brown spots and the big eyes. My husband says it is a pufferfish. I have also seen a sea turtle but only from far away. Your webcam is the highlight of my day. I’ve been to Oahu twice, Maui once and Kaui once but never to the Big Island. I love to snorkle and seeing all the colorful fish under water.

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