New Quay Bay Dolphin Watching Webcam

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New Quay Bay Dolphin Watching Webcam

When you think of Wales the first animal or better said, mammal, that comes to mind will probably be one of the woolly sheep kind. This webcam isn’t focused on fields of green full of grazing ruminants though, but on the waters of Cardigan Bay.

New Quay is a seaside resort town on the south-west coast of Wales who’s harbour has regular visits from pods of bottle-nosed dolphins. They’re one of the town’s major attractions so there are often dolphin search boats setting out to look for them.

The dolphins of Cardigan Bay are wild though and can swim pretty fast. If you don’t see them leaping out of the waves on the New Quay live feed, it just means they’ve swum off over the St George‚Äôs Channel trying to catch a shoal of fish or alternatively, are heading to Ireland to enjoy a pint of Guinness.

3 thoughts on “New Quay Bay Dolphin Watching Webcam

  1. Hi. Absolutely love this webcam of New Quay. I live in the Midlands and I have been visiting New Quay and the area for around 55 years. The family and I regularly rent a house in Rock Street where we have a totally uninterrupted view of the sea for dolphin spotting. This webcam gives me the opportunity to see my favourite place all year round and I switch on nearly every day. I especially like to see the view when the camera pans round to the harbour (more often please) Many Thanks

    1. It looks like they finished streaming for the day. On their YouTube channel there’s a full replay of each day. Should be live again in the daytime.

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