Alpaca Farm Webcam in Martha’s Vineyard

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Alpaca Farm Webcam in Martha’s Vineyard

If you joined this live feed streaming from the Alpaca Farm on Martha’s Vineyard and there’s no alpacas, don’t worry. They haven’t made their escape and swum over to the Massachusetts mainland, they’ll either be munching grass in a nearby meadow or they’ll have gone to bed for the night.

Don’t take night literally. The alpacas don’t wait until it’s dark to go to their bedtime barn. They like to be tucked in and cozy with a bale of hay for midnight munching by four in the afternoon. If you joined the feed after four in the afternoon, Massachusetts time, you’ll just have to pop back another time to see them doing what alpacas do. If you really can’t wait to see the alpacas, you can always scroll back the feed and see if you can catch them in action.

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