Storks, Kestrels and More Birds’ Nests in Fohrde

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Storks, Kestrels and More Birds’ Nests in Fohrde

Fohrde is a village in north-east Germany that knows how to look after its birdlife. Not only do they provide deluxe nests and nesting boxes complete with spyware, the village is also bordered by the five-hundred square miles of the Westhavelland Nature Park and the extensive acreage of the Untere Havel Süd Nature Reserve. Both are paradise-like havens for resident as well as migratory birds.

Keep a beady eye on these bird live feeds streaming from Fohrde and you’ll spot storks, kestrels and whatever small species decides to make a home in the other two boxes under the watchful eye of the webcam. They won’t even need to feather their nests. The thoughtful residents of Fohrde have already done it for them. No wonder they all keep flocking back.

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