Centennial Farm Pigs in Costa Mesa

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Centennial Farm Pigs in Costa Mesa

What do pigs get up to when they think no-one is looking? You can find out by watching this live feed from the Centennial Farm in Costa Mesa, California.

The Centennial Farm is an educational institute and working farm which was founded to help young people understand the importance of agriculture in modern society. They’d be the first to agree that pigs are intelligent animals if not a little bit on the lazy side.

There are often breeding sows on the live feeds so you can watch the piglets from just after they’re born, that’s when pigs are the cutest, until they’re a big enough size to be separated from their mother and sent off to pastures new.

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One thought on “Centennial Farm Pigs in Costa Mesa

  1. DOMESTICATED ANIMALS ARE SO BORED. In the wild, animals are eiiher searching for food, trying to avoiding being food or looking after their young. This sow is, I believe, missing her young. She appars to be lactating or maybe she is wondering when that boar will show up so she can start another family. I got to wondering why pigs have tails; we got rid of our tails millions of years ago because we no longer have a use for them. Pigs do not need tails as far as I can figure. I believe pigs are ssocial animals. Why not give some company?

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