Southeast Bird Feeder Webcam in North Carolina

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Southeast Bird Feeder Webcam in North Carolina

Leave the sound on when you’re watching this bird feeder cam streamed by Just Bill from his garden in North Carolina and rather than hearing the proverbial dawn chorus, you may well think it’s a car alarm going off. There’s some very noisy birds in North Carolina and they have some very strange calls.

There’s a multitude of different species that flutter down to make the most of this free bird buffet. There’s plenty of sparrows, the odd pigeon and somewhere in the trees a crow caws, but if you want to know the names of the rest of them then you’ll need a bird spotting book to hand. Exactly which bird is guilty of the car alarm call has yet to be ascertained. Our bet is on the cheeky, but beautiful blue one – whatever type of bird it may be.

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