Harbour Village Coral Reef Webcam on Bonaire

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Harbour Village Coral Reef Webcam on Bonaire

If you were expecting swathes of pristine pink and white coral on this webcam streaming from a reef off the island of Bonaire in the Dutch Caribbean, you may need to adjust your expectations. The views of this coral reef look more like the aftermath of an underwater party or a pirate’s dumping ground with no treasure in sight.

The live feed is streamed by the deluxe Harbour Village Beach Club which sits on a small peninsula where apparently luxury and nature are in perfect harmony. That may be so on land, but whether it is beneath the surface is looking a bit questionable. Submerge into this diver’s aquatic paradise and you’ll find lots of rusty detritus on the seabed. The water can be murky too. The fish are pretty though and don’t seem to mind the obstacles they’re swimming around. That could be the proverbial three second fish memory coming into action. Once seen, soon forgotten, well, at least until they past it again and think – what’s that?

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