Fulltofta Stork Enclosure Webcam Near Hörby

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Fulltofta Stork Enclosure Webcam Near Hörby

Storks are quite possibly one of the strangest looking birds in existence and they have some pretty peculiar habits too. Those habits include standing on one leg and building their nests on chimney tops.

The storks you can see on this live feed streaming from the stork sanctuary near Hörby in Sweden are part of a conservation program. At the sanctuary they don’t need to nest in precarious places, but are provided with safe, predator-free nesting sites where they can lay their eggs. When those eggs have hatched and the chicks are ready to become independent they’re released into the wild to help increase the Swedish stork population.

Why do storks stand on one leg? While it may look as though they’re giving one of their legs a rest, they’re not. Storks stand on one leg to help conserve their body heat. Do storks really deliver babies? No, they don’t or at least not human ones anyway. If you want to see the stork babies getting fed, the best time to view the cam is between May and July.

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