Barn Owls at Lorton Meadows, Weymouth

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Barn Owls at Lorton Meadows, Weymouth

Lorton Meadows is a Conservation Centre and Nature Reserve near Weymouth in the county of Dorset managed by the Dorset Wildlife Trust who stream this barn owl live feed.

Barn owls are always thought to be nocturnal creatures that sleep all day and go out to hunt for prey during the hours of darkness. That isn’t always so and as well as seeing them leave their nesting box during daylight hours, you’ll be able to listen to the almost non-stop conversations they have with each other. As barn owls mostly mate for life all the chat could well be a bit of matrimonial nagging.

Keep checking back and eventually you may see a clutch of eggs appear then a month later, some fluffy chicks hatch. If you do pop back and happen to hear a phone ringing -no, this isn’t a super deluxe nesting box with integrated communication. Where the ringing tone is coming from is a secret just the same as the location of the box is.

One thought on “Barn Owls at Lorton Meadows, Weymouth

  1. I have been a regular visitor to this web cam to see the progress of these little guys.
    Hopefully looking forwards to seeing them raise a further brood of fluffy Dudes

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