Freilassing Train Station and Storks Nest Webcams

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Freilassing Train Station and Storks Nest Webcams

Unless you’re an avid trainspotter you probably won’t appreciate the mess of railway lines running through the Bavarian town of Freilassing in southeast Germany. Trains are a great method of transport, but this metal spaghetti junction does detract from the otherwise attractive alpine scenery in the background.

The view of the countryside on the stork’s nest feed is a lot better so thank you to Michael who streams the feed for that. You’ll be able to get a really close up look of the nesting storks too although as storks are carnivores you’ll need to be prepared for the occasional gory scene. That can get worse once the chicks hatch and the adult storks regurgitate food in the nest for the chicks to feed on. Who needs horror movies when you can watch storks in close-up via a webcam?

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