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Japan Webcams

Japan is an island country to the east of China and Korea in the Pacific Ocean. Its official name is ‘Nihon’ which means ‘Land of the Rising Sun’. The capital city is Tokyo and the Head of State is the Emperor. There are many mountains on Japan’s 6852 islands, the highest of which is Mount Fuji, an active volcano. Japan is famous for its sushi, chopsticks, green tea, tranquil gardens, cars and the art of origami.

It enjoys one of the highest life expectancies in the world. It has one of the largest economies in the world, producing many automobiles, electronic equipment, chemicals, textiles and food. Take time out and enjoy some of the views from our Japan webcams, such as the Gero Hot spa or high rise views of Yokohama.

Tokyo livecam
A live webcam to see different places in Tokyo
Japan Gero Spa Live Cam
A view from "Gero Spa" in Hida Gifu Pref. Japan. Updates every 30 minutes.Gero Spa is one of the 10 best hot spas in Japan. This Live Cam works since 1995.
Odaiba-Papa Odaiba Live Cam
The view of 'Odaiba Beach' and 'Fuji TV BLD' in Tokyo, Japan.
Sushi-making in Japan
Pick up some tips watching the master sushi makers at work here
Sapporo City
Hokkaido Biei Mild Seven Hill Live Camera
Live Camera views across farmland via the famous tourist spot "Mild Seven Hill" in the middle of Hokkaido
Fukusima Daiichi Nuclear Generating Station
One of the nuclear power stations stricken by the earthquake/tsunami of 2011.
Village Park of Hyogo - Countryside Views
A live broadcasting camera of village Park of Hyogo prefectural stork in Toyooka-shi, Hyogo. Click the image of the camera to view.
Nishiura Numazu City Shizuoka Mt. Fuji
Mt. Iwate