Sakurajima Volcano Cams

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Sakurajima Volcano Cams

Sakurajima on Japan’s Kyushu island has been letting off steam since the springtime of 2021. The stratovolcano doesn’t appear to be in the mood to slow down on emitting the smoke signal-style puffs of vapor it blasts out at regular intervals very soon either.

The volcano has three peaks and the one that is active right now is the southern minami-dake. Whether or not it will evolve into a major eruption as it did in 1914 or will just continue to be a minor nuisance to the local communities as it has been since then is a topic of scientific debate. 

One thing Sakurajima does disturb quite frequently by throwing clouds of ash thousands of meters into the air is the passing air traffic. If you’re thinking of doing some volcano tourism there then the best thing to do is plan to go by boat.

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