Matsumoto Castle Webcams

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Matsumoto Castle Webcams

Think of a castle and you probably won’t think of something shaped like the Matsumoto Castle. But this multi-tiered, pagoda-style structure in the city of Matsumoto in the Nagano Prefecture of Japan is a castle and has the requisite lengthy and bloody history plus more than a few legends to go with it.

Matsumoto Castle is one of only ten of its kind in Japan and dates from around the mid-16th century. It’s survived just about everything through the centuries from military attacks, arson attempts and the threat of demolition to become one of the country’s most outstanding national treasures. With its impressive black and white facades it still looks as imposing today as it did when first built and now that it’s being properly cared for, it’ll probably be just as imposing in a few hundred years from now too.

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