Cape Peshi Webcam, from the Oshidomari Ferry Terminal

light snow-5°C / 23°F

Cape Peshi Webcam, from the Oshidomari Ferry Terminal

It has to be said that the view of Cape Peshi from the Oshidamari ferry terminal is definitely not one of the best Rishiri Island has to offer.

Rishiri Island lies just off the coast of Hokkaido and the most dominant feature on its landscape is the cone of the extinct volcano, Mount Rishiri. The one hundred and eighty square kilometres of the island are peppered with hot springs, marshes and stunningly scenic wetlands. That makes it a favourite escape for those living on Hokkaido who want to get back to nature in the summertime by hiking and cycling through the tranquil countryside. It’s popular with photographers too who brave the climb up Mount Rishiri to capture the image of the one thousand seven hundred metre high volcano reflected in a manmade lake built for just that purpose.

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