Kagoshima Airport Webcam

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Kagoshima Airport Webcam

When an airport caters for over six million passengers a year then you’re guaranteed plenty of aviation traffic. That mind boggling statistic puts Japan’s Kagoshima Airport among the top ten busiest in the country even though it has only one runway.

Kagoshima Airport spreads across almost two square kilometres of the Kagoshima Prefecture and has been operating since the early 70s. Jump aboard a plane here and you could be jetting off on a domestic flight to the Satsunan Islands, Osaka or Tokyo. International flights from Kagoshima head to multiple diverse destinations too including Hong Kong and Shanghai. Touch down here and Asia would be, to coin a phrase, pretty much your oyster if you’re planning on exploring some of this fascinating continent.  Shame you can’t see the departure board on this webcam. It’d inspire anyone to pack a bag and go for it.

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