City Views From the Top of Mount Hakodate

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City Views From the Top of Mount Hakodate

Sometimes the further away from something you are then the better it looks. While that might not be artistically qualifiable, it certainly works when applied to views of the port city of Hakodate in Japan.

Hakodate does have some beautiful parts and the Goryokaku, a tree-lined, star-shaped park famous for its cherry blossoms, is probably the most outstanding of them. The rest of the city is a bit of a concrete jungle with a population of almost three-hundred thousand. To escape the melee, and the city’s unaesthetic ground level appearance, folks ride the cable car up Mount Hakodate. What you can see on this webcam is the view of Hakodate you’d get if you were looking down at it from a thousand feet up. Hakodate is definitely a lot prettier from a distance and even the Michelin Green Guide agrees with that.

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