Umineko Shouten Cafe Webcams in Fukushima

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Umineko Shouten Cafe Webcams in Fukushima

Japan is world renowned for its fish and vegetable-laden cuisine. Think of Japanese food and you’ll probably think of sushi, miso soup, soba noodles or sukiyaki. All of which are incredibly healthy dishes to be tucking into and some of the most popular in the country.

This live feed streamed by the Umineko Shouten Cafe in Fukushima will show you a different side to Japanese cuisine and one that people are prepared to queue for – no matter how small a space they need to do it in. The fact that Japanese people have just as much of a sweet tooth as the rest of the world is not something you usually hear about. After seeing the way the cakes and pastries fly off the shelves in this mini cafe, there’s no denying it now. Who wouldn’t queue to get some? These baked goods look delicious. Hopefully they’ll start exporting them soon.

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