Oita City and Airport Webcams

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Oita City and Airport Webcams

The views you can see on these webcams are pretty much the same ones you’d see if you flew into Oita Airport on the island of Kyushu in Japan. Pat yourself on the back for finding the cams because you’ve saved yourself a fortune in flight tickets.

The cam that’s providing the bird’s eye view of Oita has been placed high up on the one-hundred metre high Beppu Tower. It’s a good spot and one from where you can see just about all Oita has to offer, well almost all except the reason most visitors flock to the city. Oita is famous for its thermal springs called the Hells of Beppu. They’re aptly named too as unlike many other Japanese thermal springs, these steaming ponds of murky water and mud are too hot to bathe in. The good thing is, the springs are a big tourist attraction so there’s plenty of aviation action to watch on the Oita Airport cam.

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