Aerial Views of Sapporo from Mount Moiwa

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Aerial Views of Sapporo from Mount Moiwa

Sapporo is a Japanese city that’s famous for quite a few things. Namely its beer, its annual snow festival, its university, for hosting the Winter Olympics and the ski jumps the event left all over the city. It’s also famous for the view you can see on this webcam streaming from the observation deck on Mount Moiwa.

From the five-hundred and thirty metre high viewpoint you can see Sapporo spread out below. It’s a crowded city with a population numbering not far off two million. It’s hard to find space to be romantic when you’re living somewhere there’s next to no elbow room so if you’re viewing the cam at night and you see someone drop to one knee, don’t panic. They won’t have been overcome by the altitude or the dizzying sight of the city lit up at night. They may well be in the process of popping the question so fingers crossed and let’s hope the answer is yes. They couldn’t have picked a better spot in Sapporo to do it. 

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