Mt. Nakadake and Kusasenri Plateau Webcam

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Mt. Nakadake and Kusasenri Plateau Webcam

While this may look like yet another peaceful mountain scene, it’s actually anything but. Mount Nakadake in the Aso range is one of Japan’s most active volcanoes. The fact that it’s active doesn’t stop people hiking up to one of the crater rims to take a peek inside though.

The Aso-Nakadake caldera is twenty-four kilometres wide and contains a steaming blue lake that’s a must photograph for any social media enthusiast. Volcanoes are by nature pretty temperamental and this one is no different. If it starts spewing poisonous gases or seems about to erupt, as it does on occasion, then visiting it is prohibited. That’s when visitors have to make do with a stroll or horse ride across the Kusasenri Plateau which sounds a lot safer and decidedly more pleasant than trying to avoid a shower of volcanic lava or clouds of toxic gas.   

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