Uwajima City Webcam

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Uwajima City Webcam

Say the name of this city out loud a couple of times and you may well start to believe you can speak Japanese even if you can’t. Uwajima is definitely a word that rolls off the tongue with ease unlike many other Japanese words that leave you totally tongue-tied and gasping for breath.

Uwajima is a city on the island of Shikoku where history and modernity are closely intertwined. Uwajima has plenty of ancient temples, one of the only dozen or so original castle towers still in existence in the country and a pearl production industry that dates back hundreds of years. The 21st century road system visible on this live feed and the traffic whizzing along it somehow detracts from those cultural offerings. But, and it has to be said, the palm trees along the waterfront, while definitely not what you’d expect to see in a Japanese city, are an unusual and very tropical change from the proverbial pink cherry blossom-decked ones. Sometimes it’s good to be different. Or is it?

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