Bento Shop Webcams in Koto City, Tokyo

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Bento Shop Webcams in Koto City, Tokyo

The Japanese are definitely a nation of people who like to do things differently. Watch these Bento Shop cams for a few minutes and you’ll soon realise that getting a take-away really means go in and help yourself.

While the origins of Bento boxes can be traced back to the 12th century, it was in the 16th century that the boxes started to evolve into what they’ve become today. Originally made from bamboo, or a wooden box covered in elaborate lacquer or if you were one of society’s wealthier, bento boxes were used to store food when travelling or as lunchboxes for school kids. These days it’s a way of getting good food while you’re working or on the go and as you’ll see on these live feeds from a Bento shop in Koto City, Tokyo, the customers don’t hang around deciding what they want to eat even though there’s plenty to choose from.

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