Kariyushi Beach Resort Ocean Spa Webcams

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Kariyushi Beach Resort Ocean Spa Webcams

It has to be said that the Japanese really know how to make the most of what Mother Nature has provided inland or on the coast. Who wouldn’t swap a dip in the hot springs of a traditional onsen to plunge into the spas at the Kariyushi Beach Resort? The answer to that is probably no-one.

The waters of the East China Sea, which surrounds the islands of Okinawa where the resort is located, may not be as warm as those of a thermally heated spring but they’re equally as tempting. As is the thought of lounging on the resort’s private beach until you begin to consider the definition of private. Is it really private if it can be seen by anyone anywhere in the world who decides to view this webcam? That’s definitely something to ponder on while enjoying the luxurious view.

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