Musical Robot YuMi Playing Every Dodecaphony

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Musical Robot YuMi Playing Every Dodecaphony

YuMi robots are a major technological advancement that have made many manufacturing tasks which are boring and repetitive to humans a thing of the past. That makes them very useful.

The YuMi robot this webcam is focused on is playing a xylophone. You may well ask why and that’s understandable. It’s replicating a type of music called Dodecaphony which is a twelve tone method of composition that was first created in the early 20th century. Reproduction of the compositions follows strict rules and is seriously complicated.

From the twelve individual tones it’s possible to create around five hundred million different series of music. It’s a task that’s impossible for a human to do all in one go without stopping. According to TalTech and ABB, who are operating the robot, it would take a human a hundred years to accomplish, but YuMi can do it and has been doing it for a while now.

Why may well be the word that’s popped into your head again and there’s no answer for that. How long it will take YuMi to complete the entire sequence is anyone’s guess. You can see its progress on the small screen in front of it. The usefulness of programming a robot to play Dodecaphony may leave you with that three letter word continually reverberating in your brain, but be thankful – at least there’s no sound or that would be a Dode-cacophony and enough to drive you crazy.

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