Bitcoin Mining Webcam in Tallinn

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Bitcoin Mining Webcam in Tallinn

Streaming from the company Bitluck, this webcam shows a typical mining farm for the cryptocurrency Bitcoin.

The tiny lights you see flickering belong to high speed purpose-built computers known as ASICs which solve cryptographic puzzles to mine what are known as ‘blocks’ of transactions taking place on the Bitcoin network. When a puzzle is solved, the Bitcoin software adds that block to a chain of unchangeable records called the Blockchain. Miners like Bitluck then receive a reward from the software in Bitcoins, which help pay to keep this operation in business.

With the world’s economies in disarray following the financial crash of 2008 and the recent pandemic, more and more Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrency mining operators are springing up as individuals and institutions hedge their bets on the fall of the old way of creating and using the money we know today.

Enjoy watching the new decentralized world of permissionless, borderless and censorship resistant electronic cash be born and processed on this otherwise rather static webcam!

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