Trackside Trail Webcam in Eagle River

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Trackside Trail Webcam in Eagle River

If you were hoping to click into a trail webcam and see some fine American critters like bears, racoons, coyotes or even wild horses wandering by, you’re going to be sorely disappointed. 

This trail webcam is being streamed by TrackSide, an ATV rental and sales company in Eagle River, Wisconsin, and provides you with nothing more than an amazing view of their parking lot. You may get to hear a throaty roar if you’re lucky, but it’s more likely to be mechanically generated by an off-road vehicle or snowmobile revving up for action than it is to be created by a wild creature. Be ultra observant and you may get lucky and spot a black bear sneaking across the lot on its way to raid the trash can, but don’t hold your hopes up. They’re not much into engine noise and much prefer to stick to the woods.

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