Kuopio Market Square Webcam

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Kuopio Market Square Webcam

Kuopio is a city in eastern Finland on the shores of the super scenic, island-dotted Lake Kallavesi, but all you’ll see on this live feed is the Kuopio’s Market Square and folks going about their shopping. The question is – what are they buying? After Kuopio held the position of European Region of Gastronomy in 2022, you may well ask.

Kuopio is renowned for a regional dish called kalakukko. Kalakukko is just about as strange and as difficult to understand as the vowel-heavy Finnish language. Kalakukko, the name will grow on you after a while, is a combination of fish and meat baked inside a rye dough crust. It’s a hearty, rustic dish that has earned the city the moniker of the promised land of kalakukko. In essence kalakukko is a one kilo Finish version of an Italian calzone pizza, but it somehow doesn’t have quite the same appeal as the Mediterranean pie. If you’re ever in Kuopio don’t skip trying it though as it’s probably perfect for sub-zero temperatures.

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