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Tallinn City Webcam

It’s no secret that the views of Tallinn from the Hotel Viru are outstanding. A better city view of the Estonian capital than this one from high up on the hotel rooftop is hard to find. What was hard to find though were the secret rooms in the hotel that the KGB used to spy on foreign guests.

The Hotel Viru was used as a spying centre from when the hotel opened in 1972 to 1991 when Estonia gained independence from the Soviet Union. It wasn’t until a few years later that the secret rooms were discovered. There’s an old saying that goes – walls have ears and that couldn’t be truer of the walls of the Hotel Viru. What was heard by the KGB agents who were listening in, other than a nocturnal symphony of snores, remains a secret to this day, but it’s something to ponder on while enjoying the view.

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