Lake Pühajärv from GMP Clubhotel near Otepää

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Lake Pühajärv from GMP Clubhotel near Otepää

This webcam streamed by the GMP Clubhotel of Lake Pühajärv near the town of Otepää in southeast Estonia doesn’t really do this amazing lake justice.

Lake Pühajärv has as much going for it as any coastal resort and a bit more besides. The lake is peppered with wooded islands, has sandy beaches on its shoreline, is surrounded by dense pine forests, and has several springs. As if all of that wasn’t enough, there’s a hiking trail leading through ancient oak trees and another that makes a complete circuit of the lake. The Dali Lama may well have blessed the lake during his visit in 1991, but there’s no doubting the fact that Mother Nature got her blessing in a long time before him.

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