Fukuoka City Webcams

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Fukuoka City Webcams

Japan may be known as the Land of the Rising Sun, but join the Fukuoka cityscape feed at the right time and you’ll see, it’s also the land of the setting sun.

Fukuoka is a prefecture on the Japanese island of Kyushu which covers a staggering five thousand square kilometers and is home to more than five million people. You can get an idea of its grandiose scale by taking a look at the Mount Abura view. Check it out at night and it’s not difficult to believe all the people in the city sleep with their lights on as there are more twinkling lights on the Fukuoka skyline than there are stars in the night sky.

One thing that Fukuoka is famous for, apart from its castle, temples and ramen noodle shops, are its street food stalls selling yakitori, a type of chicken kebab barbecued on skewers over charcoal grills. Watching those getting cooked would be fascinating viewing especially if the webcams were smell-o-vision.

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