Daejeon Expo Science Park Webcam

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Daejeon Expo Science Park Webcam

The Daejeon Expo Science Park in Daejeon, South Korea, doesn’t make for very interesting daytime webcam viewing. At night, it gets a little more exciting.

The Daejeon Expo Science Park has had several different uses since it was first opened as the venue for the three-month long Taejon Expo ’93. Many of the facilities that were there then, including an amusement park, are no longer in existence. One feature that is still there and not shy about making its nocturnal presence known is the observation tower. Drop back to take a look at the cam after dark and you’ll be treated to a spectacular light show that any discotheque would be proud of. It is mind bogglingly mesmerising. Why no-one is strutting their best moves across the carpark is anyone’s guess.

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