Inside a Lada Dealership in Yaroslavl

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Inside a Lada Dealership in Yaroslavl

If you’re checking out this Lada dealership webcam because you had one of these heavyweight Russian built tanks back in the day and are feeling nostalgic, you’ll be surprised to find things have changed quite drastically where Lada cars are concerned.

Business appears to be booming or at least it seems to be for this Lada dealership in the Russian city of Yaroslavl. There’s a constant stream of customers dropping by to check out the cars on display in the showroom. Whether or not they’re buying is hard to tell from the feed. The salesmen are really on the ball though and never let one slip away without a friendly chat. Is it a hard sell? Who knows, but part of the training course is learning how to sell sand to an Arab. They could probably do it too.

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