Polignano a Mare with an Adriatic Backdrop

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Polignano a Mare with an Adriatic Backdrop

There are many picturesque spots in Italy that are frequent stars of social media. Polignano a Mare not only equals all of those well-known places for scenic beauty, but totally out does them. Thanks to the Malu B&B for sharing the webcam, but Polignano a Mare really should stay as it is, a well-kept secret hideaway.

Polignano a Mare is a cliffside town on Italy’s Adriatic coast south of the city of Bari that has yet to make its social media debut. It won’t be long before it’s discovered by the masses though as it has all the attributes required including coves lined with sandy beaches, a historic old town with traditional restaurants and limestone caves along the shoreline. Beautiful or as the Italians would say – molto bello!

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