Baška Voda – St. Nicholas Statue and Beach Webcam

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Baška Voda – St. Nicholas Statue and Beach Webcam

Anyone visiting Nikolina beach in the Croatian town of Baška Voda is truly blessed. And not just because they’re fortunate enough to be in such a beautiful part of the world, but because they’ll receive a benediction from the saintly statue that overlooks the bay. Or at least they would do, if it was facing the right way.

St Nicholas the Traveller is the patron saint of Baška Voda. While he may be exposed to the elements, he’s said to bless and protect sailors and travellers – including those who only come to top up their tan on the sunny shores of the Adriatic coast. Even if you’re not religious, the statue is worth a visit. With the beach, the bay and imposing Dinaric Alps in the background, it’s undeniably a great spot for a holiday selfie.

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