Pristina Traffic, City and Bus Station Webcams

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Pristina Traffic, City and Bus Station Webcams

If you love the dodgems fairground ride then you’ll love watching the live traffic feed in this collection of webcams streaming from Pristina in Kosovo. The driver of any vehicle that gets through this city centre junction unscathed has definitely had some dodge-em practice. And they need it too.

The Pristina bus station webcam isn’t quite so exciting unless you enjoy watching people run for their bus. You’ll spot the latecomers as a blur on the camera as they speed past heading towards the departure bays. Strangely enough, runners from Kosovo have yet to make their mark at the Olympic Games, but considering the speed these folks whizz past that could be about to change. They look as though they’re in training for 2024 which will be Kosovo’s third appearance at the games. Sprinters around the world need to look out because, as far as catching a bus is concerned, Kosovars are going for gold.

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