Views of the Sibillini Mountains

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Views of the Sibillini Mountains

There’s nothing like a few minutes of viewing some green and peaceful countryside for restoring mental equilibrium and helping you to de-stress. This live feed streamed by from the Italian village of Montedinove does the job perfectly.

Montedinove nestles at the foot of the Sibillini mountain range on the edge of the Monti Sibillini National Park. The isolated hamlet is a labyrinth of steep winding streets lined with beautiful old stone buildings. It’s a quaint and very picturesque place and one where the inhabitants know the importance of taking life slowly. Sit on one of the benches in this mini-plaza, take a deep breath of fresh air while enjoying the view and you’ll be relaxed in less than five minutes. As you’re viewing digitally, although you’ll see the same view, you won’t get the fresh air. Is there a solution to that? Yes, you have two options and they’re simple ones. Open a window or get a desk fan.

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