Pietraferrazzana Panoramic Webcam

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 Pietraferrazzana Panoramic Webcam

If any film producer searching for a Gothic-looking village near a lake, checked out this webcam at dusk, they’d find exactly what they were looking for. As the sun goes down and the light begins to fade, this view of Pietraferrazzana is without a doubt – haunting.

The spooky hamlet extends over four square kilometres of the Chieti province in the Abruzzo region of central Italy. The streets of Pietraferrazzana are often deserted as there are less than a hundred and fifty inhabitants. So no matter how famous an actor was playing the lead role in a movie being filmed there, they wouldn’t attract much of a crowd.

Is Pietraferrazzana renowned for anything? Surprisingly, it is. As it sits on a hillside at an altitude of over three-hundred and fifty metres, it’s a popular spot for photographers to head to when they want to snap a stunning shot of Lake Bomba. While you can’t see it from the angle this cam is at, the mediaeval ruin of Castle Roccascalegna, which is hiding behind that protruding lump of rock, is as photogenic as the lake. So photogenic in fact it was used in the star-studded 2015 fantasy horror movie the Tale of Tales. Did the locals flock to get the autographs of Salma Hayek, Toby Jones or John C. Reilly? Probably not as there’s not enough of them to flock in the first place.

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