Paxos Webcams

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Paxos Webcams

Sometimes the most beautiful things come in  smaller sizes. That’s very true of the Greek island of Paxos.

With a mere twenty-nine square miles of land, Paxos ranks last size-wise among the seven other islands that make up the Ionian archipelago.

Where stunning scenery is concerned it’s definitely in the top three. Paxos has beautiful bays lined with chalk-white cliffs, picturesque villages of ochre-colored houses, and water the same turquoise shade as a glacial lake.

It’s capital, Port Gaios, is a delight of narrow streets fronted by a marina of expensive yachts. Whoever said smaller is cheaper wasn’t talking of Paxos.

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One thought on “Paxos Webcams

  1. Absolutely awful. So slow you lose the will to live. The Paxos webcams used to be brilliant. How sad. My husband & I first visited in the early ’70’s. Boy how it has changed and mostly not for the better. Gets more touristy & commercialised every year. Our three sons spent some of the best times of their lives in Paxos. We drove from the UK every summer holiday for six weeks. Brought our sports boat so the boys could learn to waterski. Apart from August when the noisy Italians turned up in droves it was peaceful & simple with wonderful local tavernas. Now the island is riddled with posh new villas, swimming pools (where do they get all the water?) & worst of all I read plans are afoot to demolish the old olive oil/soap factory in tiny Loggos and plonk a luxury hotel in it’s place. Absolute sacrilege. 🙁

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