Larnaca Beach Webcam

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Larnaca Beach Webcam

The good thing about this live feed being streamed by is you can find out which way the wind is blowing and how strong it is on Larnaca Beach without leaving home. That can prove to be very important if you’re planning on going wind or kite surfing, but also equally important if you want a lazy day on the beach without the inconvenience of having to chase your parasol across the sand.

If you’re a serious wind or kite surfer then you’ll already know that the best time to practise your sport in Larnaca is from May to September when the local breezes blow at around fifteen knots most days. The rest of the year you’ll need to rely on eating a bowl or two of a traditional Cypriot dish like fasolada, a hearty bean stew, the night before to get the required jet propulsion you need to skim gracefully across the waves on your board. That shouldn’t be too much of a hardship though as fasolada tastes pretty good especially with a side of feta cheese and some crusty bread for dunking.

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