Prastio Panoramic Webcam

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Prastio Panoramic Webcam

If you’re a fan of all things Greek then you’ll appreciate this live feed of the village of Prastio in the Limassol district of southern Cyprus. Not a lot happens to change the view, but with a little imagination you can almost, but almost, get a whiff of the wild thyme and oregano growing on the mountainsides.

Prastio is a popular place for visitors to the island to escape to when they’re tired of sunbathing. A quick exploration of the village reveals a Gothic 18th century church, a fountain and a park where they can sit and eat a picnic lunch while wondering where all the village inhabitants are. Watch long enough and you may be fortunate enough to spot a car driving past or even a herd of goats wandering by. If not then just sit back, relax and immerse yourself in what can only be called typical Greek tranquillity.

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