Kiryat Haim Beach Webcam in Haifa

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Kiryat Haim Beach Webcam in Haifa

Haifa is one of the most heavily populated cities in Israel. But, as you might notice if you view this Kiryat Haim Beach webcam for a while, it’s not a population that likes to lounge on the sand for hours on end or at least not the section of sand you can see on this feed. The reason for that could possibly be attributed to the almost constant, and very stiff, sea breeze that stirs the sand into a veritable storm. Those windy gusts of hot air may make sunbathing an experience akin to being sandblasted which is not great, but they do have one bonus. The wind, which can reach speeds of 20 kmh or more, makes the beach a popular spot for wind and kite surfing. It also makes the sea exceptionally choppy so viewing the surfers can get quite exciting. Watch and you’ll soon see why.

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