Ialysos Webcam on Rhodes

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Ialysos Webcam on Rhodes

When you have a Greek island addiction and need a quick fix then this webcam streaming from Ialysos on Rhodes will do the trick. Stay with it as it pans from view to view and you’ll discover it doesn’t fail to deliver.

While Ialysos might not be a name that trips off the tongue with ease, as most Greek names don’t, the town has all the attributes required to be a number one resort. Throw your towel down anywhere on a beach in Ialysos, there’s plenty of kilometres to choose from, and not only can you sunbathe beneath the Mediterranean sun, you’ll get a free pebble back massage at the same time. That’s not a bad deal as far as it  goes. Before you go though, consider investing in a good pair of jelly shoes. Not only will you be able to wander along the beach pain free, you’ll be footwear ready to avoid standing on a sea urchin when you hit the water to go snorkeling. If there was ever a good use for plastic then jelly shoes is it.

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