Havel Riverfront and Spandau Citadel, Berlin

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Havel Riverfront and Spandau Citadel, Berlin

The Havel River has no intention of rushing and takes its time meandering the two-hundred odd miles from its source to its mouth. So if there’s one tranquil spot amid the bustle of Germany’s capital city, Berlin, it’s along the Havel Riverfront. 

The Spandau Citadel is an ancient, castle-like fortification built on the riverside which has remained in remarkable condition considering it’s over four hundred years old. Can’t see it on this cam? That’s because it’s hiding in the trees.

If you’ve ever wondered where clouds came from, you’ll spot some billowing out of the industrial chimneys on the far side of the river before floating up to join the one’s created by the weather. 

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