Naumburg Market Place Webcam

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Naumburg Market Place Webcam

Naumburg in central Germany is a town that takes having a square to a whole new level. In Naumburg they have a town square that’s squares within a square within a square. As well as serving as the local market place, this square could also double as a chessboard if they painted a few of the squares black.

That’s something that’s not likely to happen though as the parts of Naumburg surrounding the market place are its Old Town which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. While all of the buildings around the market place are architecturally interesting, they’re easily outdone by Naumburg Cathedral, a 13th century structure that does come into view if you stay with the cam long enough. Sadly, unless someone adjusts the camera angle, you’ll have to make do with only seeing the lower half of the cathedral as its towers are far too tall to fit on the screen. Still half a view is better than no view and the other buildings are very attractive plus there are lots of squares to count so who’s complaining?

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