Warnemünde on the Baltic Sea Coast

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Warnemünde on the Baltic Sea Coast

If you were a passenger on a cruise of the Baltic Sea and your ship docked at Warnemünde, you might well be tempted to stay rather than get back on board when it was time to set sail.

Warnemünde is a very attractive coastal town in northern Germany that has a magnificent beach and a not quite so magnificent marina as well as the Alter Strom. The Alter Strom is a popular spot for disembarked cruise passengers to wander along and for good reason. The Alter Strom, a canal that once carried shipping inland to nearby Rostock, is now lined with cafes and shops and is easily one of the more picturesque parts of the town. Taking a tranquil stroll there or sitting in one of the waterside cafeterias on the Alter Strom while people watching definitely beats trying to play a game of shuffleboard when the deck is pitching beneath your feet.

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